Mitchell and Vincent at Wimborne Minster Folk Festival 2017

Mitchell and Vincent at Wimborne Minster Folk Festival

Mitchell and Vincent

2:30pm Sun 11 June at The Allendale Centre Quarterjack | £20.00

A duo who play acoustic, folk and traditional music with a mixture of gentle Airs and Waltzes through to faster Jigs, Reels, Hornpipes and Polkas.

An unusual coincidence – both trained as luthiers when they left school. Yep, both wanted to spend their time making guitars. Life, of course, always gets in the way somewhat and by the time their paths crossed they’d both retrained. Graham had been designing furniture, then houses, got qualified and started running his own architectural practice. Dave had been working in the Leisure industry and then gone to University and trained as a teacher.

Once music has a hold of you it doesn’t let go easily and Dave & Graham found themselves playing together in a ceilidh band called Fiddlestix. They realised that they had very similar musical tastes and both wanted to spend a lot more time playing music, so started a duo.

A few years have passed and they’re now busier than ever playing, have an album out and with another in the pipeline.

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