Graham Carter at Wimborne Minster Folk Festival 2017

Graham Carter  at Wimborne Minster Folk Festival

Graham Carter

12pm Sat 10 June at Garden Stage at The Olive Branch | Free

An Englishman (hailing from Poole in Dorset), but now based in Scotland, Graham Carter first picked up a Guitar at age 17 and a Harmonica at 18. Teaching himself to play from recordings and books, he was soon inspired by the work of artists such as Bob Dylan, Paul Simon & The Dubliners. Thus his fascination with the world of Folk, Blues & Roots music began. As he says, "It was basically Bob Dylan and Paul Simon that taught me to play the guitar".

After playing in informal settings across the South for many years, it was only after moving to his wife's native Scotland in 2006 that he began to attend and play Floor Spots at a local Folk Club. Inspiration came along one evening when the late, great Johnny Silvo visited the club. After witnessing Silvo in action, Graham had a "Eureka" moment and knew where his destiny lay. Shortly afterwards he performed his first "Headlining" concert in the club.

Since then he has performed at a number of Folk Clubs and Festivals around Scotland and the North of England, quickly gaining a reputation as a powerful, compelling and entertaining performer. To quote the great Dave Gibb, "He's Damned Fine, Damned Fine Indeed......Superb Stuff."

Graham plays simple, yet effective Acoustic Guitar in a variety of styles, often accompanied by a wailing Blues Harp (played in the rack Dylan style) . His strong voice allows him to perform a variety of material, ranging from melodic spirituals and Child Ballads to raucous Old-Time, Blues and Gospel numbers, along with a number of self-penned songs. After an encounter with the great Peggy Seeger at Milngavie Folk Club in 2012, he was also inspired to learn the Banjo which has recently found it's way into his shows.

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