Name Type Description Sat Sun Photo
Anonymous MorrisBorderEnergetic, mixed side from Poole, Dorset. Purple tatter jackets with added black/white/sparkle, black shirt/trousers, black top hat.Y
AppalTappersAppalachianAppaltappers come from New Milton in Hampshire. Self-coloured t-shirt (range of colours) with club logo on breast. Black trousers and black shoes. Y
ApplejacksAppalachianMixed team from Bristol. Women: black t-shirt with a plain coloured skirt. Men: black trousers with plain coloured shirt. Individual colours.YY
Barefoot BellydanceTribal Style Belly DanceDancers: pantaloons, two 25yd skirts, decorated bras, choli, tribal belts, flowers & ornaments in hair. Band: variety of middle eastern style clothingYY
Bell's AngelsCotswoldLadies team, sister side to Holt Morris. Floral headband, brightly coloured hankies, black trousers, polka dot waistcoats. Single row of bells.YY
Blackrock School of Irish DanceInternational, IrishIrish dancers aged between 3-18, based in Yeovil. Dresses are traditional with lovely Celtic embroidery, all made by hand.YY
Bourne RiverCotswoldMen's team from Bournemouth. White shirt and trousers. Blue and gold baldric with horse brass at front centre and two fish on back.YY
Bournemouth and Christchurch U3A International Folk DancersInternationalFolk dancers from Bournemouth, performing dances from many European countries. Wide variety of colourful historical costumes.Y
Bradninch Millers MorrisCotswold, Border, Stave, Molly, BroomMixed team from Devon, performing Stave Cotswold, Border and Molly dances, wearing black shirts, trousers and top hats, with short blue/white/turquoise tatter jackets or sash. Staves have brass crowns on the tip.Y
Crooked MoonAppalachianBelow the knee black trousers/leggings. Teal / Purple sirt for women. Black waistcoat with purple trim for men. Black shoes, coloured laces.Y
Dorset Buttons RapperRapperMale rapper sword dance side from Wareham, Dorset. white shirt, black hoggers, red cummerbund, black clogs. Clogs are rare in rapper.Y
Dr Turberville's CotswoldMixed team from Somerset. White shirt and trousers. Baldric with red and green stripes. Green hankies. Black hat. Fond of penguins...Y
Ester Tal's Flamenco AcademyInternational, FlamencoSpanish Flamenco style costumeY
Fabulous FezheadsComedy morrisRed fez (hat), long striped red/white tunic, red socks, often accompanied by a belly dancer. See their band in the Legion on Saturday evening.Y
Festus DerrimanCotswoldWhite trousers, short green and yellow tatter jacket. Men: white shirt + top hat. Women: green shirt, straw hat. One green sock, one yellow.Y
FirestoneAppalachianLively mixed team from Exeter, Devon. Women - short black dress with flame inserts. Men - red shirt, black trousers.YY
Folk ActiveWorkshopsFolk Active will be running free children's workshops: mini melodeons, maypole dancing, step dancing and broom dancing.YY
Footlight Performing ArtsY
FootnotesAppalachianTeam from Chippenham, Wiltshire. Each dancer wears a plain dress in a different colour, with black tights.YY
Forty Foot SwordLongswordForty Foot Sword will be teaching longsword workshops for everyone to try. YY
FosbrooksClog danceSchoolchildren from Stockport, who clog dance to accordion and violin. Girls: white shirt, black skirt, waistcoat. Red sash. Boys: black trousers.YY
Haddenham HoofersAppalachianSelf coloured dress (different colour for each dancer), patchwork apron. Black tights and shoes. Men, black trousers, patchwork waistcoat.YY
Hips and HawsNorth WestLadies' side. White blouse and underskirt, with red apron and panels on top. Black hankies with red/white border. Black clogs and socks. White sticks.Y
Hobo's MorrisBorderFemale border morris side from Poole. Red/mustard yellow/black tatter jackets. Faces painted as tigers. Named after a tank regiment!YY
Holly CopseMollyMixed side from Bournemouth. Dancers wear a highly individual mix of yellow, black and magenta costume.Y
HoltCotswoldMen's side from Holt, Wiltshire. White shirt, black trousers and waistcoat. Bowler hat, green and red ribbons.YY
King John's Morris MenNorth WestMen's side from Southampton, Hampshire. Black knee-breeches, white shirt. Yellow baldric with black stripe. Yellow socks. Bowler hat & Clogs.Y
Knickerbocker GloryAppalachianMixed team form Alton, Hampshire. Blue skirts (yellow trim), black stockings, patchwork-style waistcoats.Y
Knights of King InaJigsSpecialists in solo and duet Cotswold Jigs. Costumes are a personal combination of black and white.YY
MaenadsBorderGreen tatters, red skirt, green top, red/green shoes. Faces painted with webs.YY
Mainstage Performing ArtsY
MerrydownersCotswold, LongswordMixed side from Middlesex. Black trousers, red socks, black shoes. Straw hat with flowers. Green and red baldric over white shirt.YY
Minehead Sailor's HorseHobby HorseImagine a boat with a tail... Loads of colourful tatters on the deck and the personality of a manic horse! Roundels on the flanks.YY
Morena Slovak Dance Co.International, SlovakianPopular Slovakian dance company based in Camden Town, London. Dances from different parts of Slovakia in colourful traditional costumes.YY
MythagoBorder Mixed side from Sussex, with stories embedded in their performances. Black tatter jackets with yellow or red stripe. Individual masks.YY
New Forest MeddlarsCotswold, BorderMixed team from the New Forest. White shirt and trousers. Purple waistcoats. Purple and white tatter jackets.Y
New Moon Morris North WestMixed side from Ivinghoe, Buckinghamshire. Black shirt. Black trousers, kilt or self-coloured skirt. Patchwork waistcoat. Soft black hat.YY
No Mean FeetAppalachianMixed team from Yeovil, Somerset. Purple or green dresses/shirts. Black trousers for men.Y
Northgate RapperRapperMale team from Bath. White shirt, green hoggers, yellow sash. Look for them in pubs. Also running a rapper workshop on Sunday at Salamander.YY
Order of the PhoenixNorth WestShort sticks with bells, plus green, yellow and pink ribbons. Ankle bells on a green/yellow strap.Y
Oyster GirlsNorth WestLadies side from the Isle of Wight. Green dress with red/gold frill, green clogs.Y
Pamphill LongswordLongswordYoung children from a school close to Wimborne perform a traditional dance from Yorkshire. White shirt, black trousers, coloured baldrics.Y
Pamphill MaypoleMaypoleThe youngest children from Pamphill School, Wimborne, would like to show you their maypole dancing in the Model Town.Y
PolonezInternational, PolishPolish folk singers and dancers from Bournemouth, men, women and children. Women in red boots, colourful skirt with lace apron, floral headdress.Y
Quayside CloggiesNorth WestLadies side from Bournemouth. Blue dresses with pink apron. Blue clogs. Blue and pink hoops.Y
Red StagsBorderRed and black tatter jackets with occasional yellow flash. Black shoes and trousers.Y
Ridgeway Step ClogClog danceEnglish step clog dancers from Oxfordshire. Individual self-coloured skirts, white shirt, black waistcoat. Also use garlands, brooms and sheep...Y
SarumCotswoldMixed side from Salisbury. White shirt and trousers. Blue sash with yellow stripe down the centre.Y
Sidmouth SteppersNorth WestLadies side from Sidmouth in Devon. Dark Blue skirt, red apron, red/white/blue ribbons. Navy clogs.Y
Somerset MorrisCotswold + staveLadies side from Bristol/Bath area. Cream dress, maroon tabard with long maroon/cream/yellow ribbons on waistband. Brass-tipped staves.Y
Southern StarLongswordLocal group based in Corfe Mullen. Black shirt and trousers. Self coloured sash round waist - different colour for each dancer.Y
Spank the PlanksAppalachianTeam from Bournemouth. Blue or purple check dresses with quilted panel on bodice.Y
Steampunk morrisBorderMixed team from Rochester wearing an eclectic mixture of top hats, goggles, corsets, and steampunk inspired Victoriana.YY
Steps in TimeCountry DanceMixed junior group from North Dorset. Girls wear 'Jane Austen' style dresses, velvet jacket. Boys wear white shirt, black Breeches, waistcoat.Y
Sweet CoppinNorth West + clog steppingLadies side based in Taunton. Green dress with red-fronted waistcoat with pale green back. Black stockings and black clogs/shoes. Decorated hoops.Y
Synergy Majorette GroupMajorettesYoung children from a local dance school.Y
TappalachianAppalachianMixed Appalachian group from St. Albans, Hertfordshire. Black skirts with coloured panels and matching tops. Men, black waistcoat, pastel shirt.Y
Tashi Lhunpo MonksInternational, TibetanRed and saffron monastic robes when not dancing. Exotic dress for traditional Tibetan festival dances when performing.YY
Tatters and Tails Border MorrisBorderBlack top hat, black tail coat with black/coloured tatters (different colour tatters for each dancer)Y
The Tattered CourtBorderThe Tattered Court are a mixed side from Cheltenham. Sleeveless black tatter jackets, worn with white shirts, coloured waistcoats and black top hats. Y
Tiger FeetAppalachianCome from Cardiff. Orange shirt, black trousers, striped socks.Y
Whitethorn MorrisNorth WestLadies team from Harrow. Blue dress and mill girl's hat, red apron. Black shoes. White hankies.YY
Wimborne First SchoolCountry DanceThe children from Wimborne First School will be performing their own special folk dance.Y
ZdravetzInternational, BulgarianBulgarian Dance group performing traditional 'Horos' (circle dances) and dressed in traditional village costume.Y