Hobo's Morris

Female border morris side from Poole. Red/yellow/black tatter jackets. Faces painted as tigers. Named after a tank regiment!

Coming on Saturday and Sunday

Hobo's Morris was formed in 1993 female border dancers with a great band, based in Poole, Dorset.

Our first season coincided with the 50 the anniversary of D-Day. Our colours; red, black and mustard and our badge, the Raging Bull, are taken from the 79th Armoured division, commanded by Major-General Percy Hobart, a local hero. He was known for constructing and commanding unusual tanks and army vehicles used in the war, affectionately known as Hobo's Funnies!

For festivals we paint our faces as tigers, for no real reason other than we prefer it to the traditional black.


Programme for Hobo's Morris:

Sat1030-1100DancingHigh St, By The GreenKnights of King Ina ( Jigs )
Sat1200-1230DancingGreen ManBourne River ( Cotswold )
Sat1430-1500Procession starting from Park LaneIn position 30, After Bourne River ( Cotswold ), Before Quayside Cloggies ( North West )
Sat1600-1630DancingCrownmeadDownes on Tour - women ( Cotswold )
Sun1030-1100DancingSquareBourne River ( Cotswold )
Sun1230-1300DancingGreen ManBourne River ( Cotswold )
Sun1330-1400DancingSalamander (Road)Sidmouth Steppers ( North West )
Sun1430-1500DancingSalamander (Road)