Barefoot Bellydance

Dancers: pantaloons, two 25yd skirts, decorated bras, choli, tribal belts, flowers & ornaments in hair. Band: variety of middle eastern style clothing

Coming on Saturday and Sunday

Formed in 1999 in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, Barefoot Bellydance is a troupe of musicians and tribal style belly dancers. The band has developed its own original sound made up of a fusion of western and Arabic influences using a variety of Middle Eastern instruments such as a darabuka, djembe, riq and karkabous. The dance has its roots in ancient dance styles and is based on a common non-verbal language and group improvisation. Each performer has created their own bright and colourful costume which takes inspiration from cultures from around the world to create a strong, vibrant and striking look. Barefoot dancers perform using a number of traditional props which include finger cymbals, veils and swords.


The programme has not yet been published yet.

When it is, the programme for Barefoot Bellydance will appear here.