Knights of King Ina

Specialists in solo and duet Cotswold Jigs. Costumes are a personal combination of black and white.

Coming on Saturday and Sunday

Traditional and Revival Jig dancing, Mastercalsses, Workshops and events. We always invite guest performers to be included in the line up - this year we are joined by Billy No Mates and The Chalford Stick Company


Programme for Knights of King Ina:

Sat1030-1100DancingHigh St, By The GreenHobo's Morris ( Border )
Sat1430-1500Procession starting from Park LaneIn position 7, After Pamphill Longsword ( Longsword ), Before Red Stags ( Border )
Sat1530-1600DancingHigh St, By Mill LaneFleet Morris ( Cotswold )
Sat1800-1900Jigs Workshop (1 hour)British Legion
Sun1100-1130DancingSquareDownes on Tour - women ( Cotswold )
Sun1200-1230DancingOlive Branch RoadPhoenix ( Cotswold )
Sun1300-1330DancingLiving OutsideNew Moon Morris ( North West )
Sun1530-1600DancingCrownmeadDownes on Tour - women ( Cotswold )