Somerset Morris

Ladies Cotswold side from Bristol/Bath area. Also do stave dances, which originate from the Friendly Societies (early ancestor of insurance companies). Cream dress, maroon tabard. Brass-tipped staves.

Coming on Saturday

Somerset Morris practise on Thursday evenings at Marksbury Village Hall near Bath. We dance a mixture of Cotswold Morris dances and local West Country Stave dances taken from the minute books of local Friendly Societies. Our staves are mounted with original brass stave heads.


Programme for Somerset Morris:

Sat1000-1030DancingHigh St, By The GreenBourne River ( Cotswold )
Sat1100-1130DancingWalford Mill
Sat1300-1330DancingBritish LegionFleet Morris ( Cotswold )
Sat1430-1500Procession starting from Park LaneIn position 35, After Phoenix ( Cotswold ), Before Whitethorn ( North West )