Blackheath Morrris Men

( Appearing in the dance grid as:Blackheath Morrris )

Men's Cotswold Morris team from Blackheath in London. Black trousers, white shirt, dark blue waistcoat. Were in Olympic closing ceremony.

Coming on Saturday and Sunday


Programme for Blackheath Morrris Men:

Sat1330-1400DancingOlive Branch RoadOyster Girls ( North West )
Sat1430-1500Procession starting from Park LaneIn position 5, After Wimborne First School ( Country Dance ), Before Pamphill Longsword ( Longsword )
Sat1530-1600DancingCrownmeadDownes on Tour - men ( Cotswold )
Sat1630-1700DancingHigh St, By The GreenCuckoo's Nest ( Cotswold )
Sun1130-1200DancingSquareAnonymous Morris ( Border )
Sun1230-1300DancingSalamander (Road)Anonymous Morris ( Border )
Sun1330-1400DancingHigh St, By The Green
Sun1500-1530DancingBritish LegionSidmouth Steppers ( North West )