Dame's Rocket

Ladies North West side from Brasstown, North Carolina. Bold red and black dresss, red+black striped socks. Broad brim black hats.

Coming on Saturday and Sunday


Programme for Dame's Rocket:

Sat1100-1130DancingWillow Walk Stage
Sat1330-1400DancingHigh St, By The GreenBourne River ( Cotswold )
Sat1430-1500Procession starting from Park LaneIn position 19, After Stix In the Mud ( Border ), Before Morena Slovak Dance Co. ( Slovakian )
Sat1630-1700DancingCrownmeadPhoenix ( Cotswold )
Sun1100-1130DancingOlive Branch RoadHolly Copse ( Molly )
Sun1200-1230DancingHigh St, By The GreenDownes on Tour - men ( Cotswold )
Sun1330-1400DancingCrownmeadHolly Copse ( Molly )
Sun1530-1600DancingHigh St, By The Green