Saturday Dance

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SatCornmarketMicrobreweries StageModel Town MarqueeModel Town Sensory GardenSquare (not stage)High St, By Mill LaneHigh St (By The Green)Salamander (Road)CrownmeadEast Borough (Olive Branch)Green Man (Outside)Royal British Legion (outside)Allendale Centre Main HallOther LocationWhat
1000Spank the Planks Footnotes ZdravetzButtons RapperKnights of King InaBroom Dance Workshop
1000 - 1100
Folk Active
Ridgeway Step Clog      
  MaenadsFestus DerrimanHips and Haws     
1030FirestoneTiger FeetHaddenham HoofersPamphill MaypoleMythagoHobo's MorrisSteps in TimeBradninch Millers      
 Northgate RapperSomerset MorrisNew Moon Morris King John's Morris      
1100ApplejacksMorena Slovak Dance Spank the PlanksPamphill LongswordBlackrockKnights of King InaHoltFamily Longsword Dance Workshop
1100 - 1200
Forty Foot Sword
Barefoot Bellydance  Festus Derriman Willow Walk StageFootlight Performing
MerrydownersSouthern Star Bourne RiverWhitethorn MorrisMaenads  Ridgeway Step Clog  
   Buttons Rapper       
1130Knickerbocker GloryCrooked MoonTappalachianMini Melodeons
1130 - 1230
Folk Active
ZdravetzFabulous FezheadsTatters and Tails  New Forest Meddlars Bell's Angels   
 Mythago   New Moon Morris   
1200Morena Slovak Dance BlackrockApplejacksFosbrooksOrder of the PhoenixBarefoot BellydanceRidgeway Step ClogSidmouth SteppersMaenadsBourne RiverMerrydownersSaturday Family Ceilidh
1200 - 1330

Walford MillSteps in Time
Northgate Rapper Quayside CloggiesSomerset MorrisU3A Folk Dancers Oyster GirlsHoltKing John's Morris  
1230Tiger FeetHaddenham HoofersFootnotes Fabulous FezheadsBradninch MillersRed Stags Zdravetz Hobo's MorrisHips and Haws  
 New Moon Morris Whitethorn MorrisBell's Angels  Knights of King Ina  
1300Spank the Planks Crooked Moon Barefoot BellydanceNew Forest MeddlarsPamphill LongswordWimborne First SchoolQuayside CloggiesU3A Folk DancersButtons Rapper   
  MaenadsOyster GirlsSidmouth SteppersSomerset MorrisFestus DerrimanSteps in TimeMerrydowners  
1330Morena Slovak Dance TappalachianKnickerbocker Glory   Order of the PhoenixTatters and Tails MythagoWhitethorn Morris   Willow Walk StageFosbrooks
Knights of King Ina   King John's Morris Bradninch MillersRed Stags    
1400Crooked Moon Firestone   Sailor's Horse        
1430Footnotes Tiger Feet Procession
1430 - 1530
1430 - 1530
1430 - 1530
1430 - 1530
1430 - 1530
1500Knickerbocker Glory Crooked Moon       
1530FosbrooksHaddenham HoofersSpank the Planks Tashi Lhunpo MonksTatters and Tails Knights of King InaStep Dance For All
1530 - 1630
Folk Active
U3A Folk DancersRed Stags     
 Hobo's MorrisSidmouth SteppersMaenadsBell's AngelsQuayside Cloggies    
1600BlackrockTappalachianApplejacks   Fabulous FezheadsHips and Haws      
     Oyster Girls     
1630Firestone     Bourne RiverHolt       
     Northgate RapperNew Forest Meddlars      
1700  Old time American music session and Appalachian dance party
1700 - 2000
     Border Morris Workshop
1700 - 1800
Hobo's Morris