Sunday Dance

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SunCornmarketModel Town MarqueeSquare (not stage)High St, By Mill LaneHigh St (By The Green)Salamander (Road)CrownmeadOther LocationWhat
1000       Willow Walk StageWillow Walk Music
       Mainstage Performing
1030ApplejacksFootnotesHolly CopseMythagoKnights of King InaLongsword Dance Workshop - adults
1030 - 1200
Forty Foot Sword
Bell's AngelsMaenadsDr Turberville's Sarum 
1100FosbrooksFirestoneAnonymous MorrisSteampunk morrisHoltSweet CoppinMicrobreweries StageBourne River
Tashi Lhunpo MonksHobo's MorrisWhitethorn MorrisNew Moon Morris  
1130FootnotesHaddenham HoofersBlackrockKnights of King InaBarefoot BellydanceMaenadsMicrobreweries StageSarum
  The Tattered CourtMerrydownersBell's Angels
1200FirestoneNo Mean FeetFosbrooks HoltStep Dance For All
1200 - 1300
Folk Active
Northgate RapperMicrobreweries StageWhitethorn Morris
  Steampunk morrisMythagoSweet Coppin
1230BlackrockMorena Slovak Dance Barefoot BellydanceDr Turberville's MerrydownersHolly CopseRoyal British Legion (outside)Sarum
 Ester Tal's Flamen AcadBourne RiverKnights of King InaAnonymous MorrisThe Tattered CourtNew Moon Morris
1300FosbrooksHaddenham Hoofers  Tibetan Monks Ritual Procession
Tibetan Monks Ritual Procession
Whitethorn MorrisGreen Man (Outside)Bell's Angels
  Tashi Lhunpo MonksTashi Lhunpo Monks Hobo's Morris
1330Morena Slovak Dance Applejacks  Knights of King InaRapper Workshop
1330 - 1430
Northgate Rapper
Steampunk morrisGreen Man (Outside)Sweet Coppin
Ester Tal's Flamen Acad  Holly CopseNew Moon Morris  
1400PolonezFootnotes  MythagoBlackrockMinster GreenMaypole
1400 - 1500
Folk Active
  The Tattered CourtBourne River
1430FirestoneNo Mean FeetMorena Slovak Dance Anonymous MorrisWhitethorn MorrisCotswold Jig Workshop
Hobo's Morris
 HoltSarumMerrydownersKnights of King InaBell's Angels
1500BlackrockApplejacksNew Moon Morris  Sweet CoppinDr Turberville's    
 Mythago  Bourne River  
1530No Mean FeetHaddenham HoofersMorena Slovak Dance Northgate RapperAnonymous MorrisHobo's Morris   
 Steampunk morrisHolly CopseThe Tattered Court   
1600PolonezFirestone  Holt    
  Dr Turberville's