First dance sides announced for 2016 folk festival

Wimborne Minster Folk Festival

Bourne River Morris Men are amongst those recently published.

First dance sides announced for 2016 folk festival

22 February 2016 by James

The first handful of dance sides who will be jumping, shaking and shouting their way around the Dorset market town of Wimborne Minster for the June folk festival have just been announced.

It's always a pleasure to welcome back local sides but we have gone far and wide to include dance sides from all of the country and even into Europe.

Anonymous Morris, Dorset Buttons, Exmoor Border Morris, The Fabulous Fezheads and Helsinki Morris are just a few that will be dancing at Wimborne Minster Folk Festival in June. The festival prides itself as a highlight location for dance sides from around the country and we attract more than 50 sides over the weekend, with each side promising a colourful and entertaining display.

To view the full dance line-up and recent additions, visit the Dance Page on the website.