12 - 14 June 2020
12 - 14

Festival Parking

Allenbourne School will have daytime parking on their school fields for £5.00 per vehicle on Saturday & Sunday only, with no overnight parking. Access is from East Borough, just off the B3078, Cranborne Road.

Meadows Camping offer all day parking for £5.00 per vehicle per day, which is available for non-camping visitors. Vehicles left on site overnight will not be subsequently charged unless taken off site and re-entering.

Long Term Car Parks

The principle long term car parks are:

Allenview North and West (behind the Allendale Centre)
Westfield Close (Near Green Man/Minster Arms)
Walford Mill
Leigh Road
Poole Road
Old Town Road (Near the Green Man)
At the Market

Short Term Car Parks

The principle short term car parks are:
  • King Street (Near the Minster)
  • Waitrose
  • Allenview South (Beside the Allendale Centre)
  • Crownmead (Co Op)

Closed Car Parks

The High Street carpark will be restricted most of Thursday and fully closed from 6pm to be transformed into a festival venue. (its inaccessible for cars anyway during the festival).

The Hanham Road south car park will not be a public car park during the festival.