Festival Parking

Allenbourn School will have daytime parking on their school fields for £5.00 per vehicle on Saturday & Sunday only, with no overnight parking. Access is from East Borough, just off the B3078, Cranborne Road.

Meadows Camping offer all day parking for £3.00 per vehicle per day, which is available for non-camping visitors. Vehicles left on site overnight will not be subsequently charged unless taken off site and re-entering.

Long Term Car Parks

The principle long term car parks are:

Short Term Car Parks

The principle short term car parks are:

Bicycle Parking

There will be extensive Bicycle parking provided in what is normally the Hanham Road car park.

Please don't use the limited cycle racks on the High Street and by the Minster.

Closed Car Parks

The High Street carpark will be closed from 6pm Thursday to be transformed into a festival venue (its inaccessible for cars anyway during the festival).

The Hanham Road south car park will not be a public car park during the festival. Part will be used for Bicycle parking (see above), part used for the main taxi rank.