Folk Festival Software


A sophisticated database and website system is being developed for Wimborne Minster Folk Festival, using experence and knowledge from providing facilities for many events (Folk Festivals and Science Fiction Conventions) over many years. It is going to be of considerable use to other festivals and events in the future.

Rather than having lots of non-integrated spreadsheets and lists on many peoples computers to be lost when people leave and difficult to maintain, the idea is to keep everything in one place (heavily backed up). All records are central, with the philosophy that at the committee level, (almost) everything is readable by all, but only limited people can update each type of area.


Most pages are generated on the fly as needed, showing performers (music, dance, other), tickets and prices, events listed by venue, time, type.

Everything that can be a link is a link. An event links to venues and participants, venues have list of all events at venue, each participant has links to where and when they are on and who they are with. Each performer has their own page with details of their programme, who they are and about them.

This is not yet as sophisticated as the back end yet, but is getting there.


This is where 90%+ of the system is. It has support for: This sits on top of a database with everything stored in it.

This is potentially available as a number of separate packages, dance, music, documents, timeline, trade etc.


Realising that what has been developed for Wimborne, could be of considerable use for other festivals, some work has been done to generalise it so others could use it.

This is an on going development and some parts are still very Wimborne specific, the intention is that it is licenseable in the future, if you are interested in what has been developed so far and would like to be involved, please contact the Webmaster.

Note: The intention is to license the system, but (currently) none of the data about individual dance sides, performers etc.

The raw system is at Github.