Dance Line-up

In 2017, These Dance teams were in Wimborne. Click on the name or photograph to find out more and where they were dancing.

Dance Programme for 2017

Anonymous Morris
Anonymous Morris are a popular local side meeting in Poole and have a reputation for their high-energy dance style.
Lively mixed team of Appalachian dancers from Exeter, Devon. Women - short black dress with flame inserts. Men - red shirt, black trousers.
Hunter's Moon
Hunter's Moon dance in the Border Morris tradition, using some old favourites, but also new dances written by members of the side.
Morena Slovak Dance Co.
Popular Slovakian dance company based in Camden Town, London. Dances from different parts of Slovakia in colourful traditional costumes.
Mixed Border Morris side from Sussex, with stories embedded in their performances. Black tatter jackets with yellow or red stripe. Individual masks.
Northgate Rapper
Northgate Rapper are Bath's finest, and only, male sword dancing team. They perform high energy rapper dances in any pubs that will let them in.
Spank the Planks
Spank the Planks come from Bournemouth and specialise in Appalachian clog dancing, a style of American folk dance from the Appalachian Mountains.
Assemblaie du Valasse
French folk dance group from Normandy and musicans Calibeurdaine.
Bell's Angels
Ladies Cotswold Morris team dancing with colourful hankies and 3 sizes of sticks based in Holt village, Wiltshire, near Bradford on Avon and Bath.
Blackheath Morrris Men
Men's Cotswold Morris team from Blackheath in London. Black trousers, white shirt, dark blue waistcoat. Were in Olympic closing ceremony.
Blackrock School of Irish Dance
Irish dancers aged between 3-18, based is Yeovil. Dresses are traditional with lovely Celtic embroidery, all made by hand.
Bourne River
Men's Cotswold morris team from Bournemouth. White shirt and trousers. Blue and gold baldric with horse brass at front centre and two fish on back.
Bournemouth and Christchurch U3A International Folk Dancers
Folk dancers from Bournemouth, performing international dances. Wide variety of colourful historical costumes.
Cuckoo's Nest
Brighton based morris side who perform mainly Cotswold dances but take influences from a wide range of places
Dame's Rocket
Ladies North West side from Brasstown, North Carolina. Bold red and black dresss, red+black striped socks. Broad brim black hats.
Dorset Buttons
Ladies North West morris side from Wareham, Dorset. Green skirts, red bodice, red clogs. Straw hats decorated with hand-made Dorset buttons.
Dorset Buttons Rapper
Male rapper sword dance side from Wareham, Dorset. white shirt, black hoggers, red cummerbund, black clogs. Clogs are rare in rapper.
Downes on Tour - men
Male reunion cotswold morris team. White shirt, black knee-breeches, red socks. Red/white/yellow baldric.
Downes on Tour - women
Women's reunion Cotswold morris team. White trousers and shirts.
Exmoor Border Morris
Now in our 19th year, dancing every Wednesday around North Devon, throughout the summer
Festus Derriman
Cotswold morris side from Upwey near Weymouth. Name after a character in a Thomas Hardy novel. White trousers, short green and yellow tatter jacket. Men: white shirt + top hat. Women: green shirt, straw hat. One green sock, one yellow.
Fleet Morris
Ladies Cotswold side from Hampshire. Blue skirt, white blouse, blue and yellow baldric.
Appalachian dancers from Chippenham, Wiltshire. Each dancer wears a plain dress in a different colour.
Hobo's Morris
Female side from Poole. Red/mustard yellow/black tatter jackets. Faces painted as tigers. Named after a tank regiment!
Holly Copse
Molly dancers, mixed side from Bournemouth. Dancers wear a highly individual mix of yellow, black and magenta costume.
Holt perform a broad mix of Cotswold styles, though many of their dances are based on a liberal interpretation of the Fieldtown morris tradition
King John's Morris Men
Men's side:Cotswold, North West, Border, Southampton, Hampshire. Black knee-breeches, white shirt. Yellow baldric with black stripe. Grey top hat.
Knickerbocker Glory
Mixed Appalachian team form Alton, Hampshire. Blue skirts (yellow trim), black stockings, patchwork-style waistcoats.
Knights of King Ina
Specialists in solo and duet Cotswold Jigs. Costumes are a personal combination of black and white.
Knockhundred Shuttles
Mixed North-West Morris side from Midhurst, West Sussex. Men: red and yellow sashes, black trousers, floral top hats. Women: red pinafore dress.
Keen, young, mixed rapper side from Bristol. Costume is black hoggers (short trousers), white shirt, blue cummerbund with pink border, black and white striped socks.
Martlet Sword & Morris Men
Male side dancing Cotswold and Longsword. White shirt, black hoggers, decorated straw hat. Blue tabard with yellow birds, Martlets, which are the heraldic birds of Sussex.
New Moon Morris
Based in Ivinghoe, Bucks. Bright colours, lots of noise & above all fun - a mixed side, dancing mostly North West with some Border & other styles.
No Mean Feet
Perform team routines, written by current and former team members, as well as individual freestyling to the music of their own Shoestring Band.
Old Speckled Hen
Mixed North West Morris side from Milton Heights, Oxfordshire. White shirt/blouse, red waistcoat, black clogs,Ladies wear green skirt with yellow underskirt. Men wear black breeches green socks.
Oyster Girls
Ladies North West morris side from the Isle of Wight. Green dress with red/gold frill, green clogs.
Pamphill Longsword
Young children from a school close to Wimborne perform a dance style from Yorkshire. We're looking forward to seeing their take on the tradition.
Pamphill Maypole
The youngest children from Pamphill School, Wimborne, would like to show you their maypole dancing in the Model Town.
Mixed Cotswold side from Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire. Black hat with flowers, black skirt/trousers, red socks, red hankies. Spot their wickerwork phoenix.
Polish folk singers and dancers from Bournemouth, men, women and children. Women in red boots, colourful skirt with lace apron, floral headdress.
Quayside Cloggies
Ladies North West Morris side from Bournemouth. Blue dresses with pink apron. Blue clogs. Blue and pink hoops.
Red Stags
Mixed border morris side from Southampton.
Ridgeway Step Clog
Step Clog side based in Oxfordshire. Named from their proximity to the ancient Ridgeway Path which runs from Avebury to Ivinghoe Beacon.
Mixed Cotswold morris side from Salisbury. Mostly dance in th style of Oddington and Ilmington. Recently celebrated our 35th anniversary.
Appalachian team from South Wales, dancing to traditional bluegrass music.
Sidmouth Steppers
Ladies North West Morris side from Sidmouth in Devon. Dark Blue skirt, red apron, red/white/blue ribbons. Navy clogs.
Somerset Morris
Ladies Cotswold side from Bristol/Bath area. Also do stave dances, which originate from the Friendly Societies (early form of insurance companies).
Steps in Time
Mixed junior group from North Dorset. Traditional English social dances as well as Maypole and regional dances.
Stix In the Mud
Mixed Border morris team from Brasstown, North Carolina. Black trousers, mulit-coloured tatter jackets, assorted hats.
Tappalachian is a mixed Appalachian group from St. Albans, Hertfordshire, dressed in black with bright co-ordinating colours.
The Tattered Court
The Tattered Court are a mixed Border side from Cheltenham, dancing intricate and complicated dances.
Tiger Feet
Tiger Feet use traditional Appalachian steps and focus particularly on dancing together as a group. They also enjoy new music and movements.
Uplyme Morris
Men's Cotswold side from Uplyme, Devon. White shirt and trousers, green + white baldric, black top hat.
Whitethorn Morris
Ladies North West morris team from Harrow. Blue dress and mill girl's hat, red apron. Whitethorn celebrated their 40th birthday in September 2017.
Wild Thyme
Instant Border morris team. They provide the tatter jackets and sticks. You provide the body. No experience required. 5pm Saturday, Crown Mead.
Wimborne First School
The children from Wimborne First School will be performing their own special folk dance.
Bulgarian Dance group performing traditional 'Horos' (circle dances) and dressed in traditional village costume.