These are performers who don't fit into any of the otther categories.

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Chloe Middleton-Metcalfe
Chloe is an expert on morris costumes, the way they have changed over time, and the social and historical factors behind those changes.
Chris Rose
Best known as the Molly for Seven Champions, Chris is also the MC for the John Gasson Memorial Jig Competition at Sidmouth and for Wimborne
Melanie Barber
President of the Morris Federation and a keen North West dancer, Mel is head judge for our North West Morris competition.
Sean Goddard
Music judge for the Morris Competition
Stephen Rowley
Stephen is a man of many talents, who works with both adults and children. Musician, mummer, artist, historian, are only a fraction of his skill set.
Theresa Buckland
Tess Buckland is a respected dance historian with several books to her credit. Her interests include Edwardian social dances, and the morris revival.