Other/Comedy/Family Line-up

In 2018, These Acts were in Wimborne. Click on the name or photograph to find out more and where they performed.

Here are the Spotlight Performers followed by A - Z of the rest of the line-up.

Phil Jerrod
Cynical, astute and impassioned, his densely-packed rants encapsulate the state of British society today.
Polly Morris Band
If you could imagine the love child of Bill Bailey and Victoria Wood that would be Polly Morris
Frank Foucault
Based in the South West (Bristol), Finalist of the Chortle Student Comedy Awards 2017
Ian Macdonald
Oxford based Ian has been gigging since 2014 and delivers observational comedy and sideways glances at the world
Ian Tovey
Ian Tovey is from Sting in the tale
Jake Young
‘Jake is a nineteen year old comedian, based in Gosport, who is very high energy’
Jill Barr & Bob Greenwall
Jill Barr & Bob Greenwall are from Sting in the tale
Mad Ron
Mad Ron prefers the old days when smoking was good for you (before they changed the recipe)
Madeleine Grantham
Madeleine Grantham is a part of Sting in the Tale
Paul Cox
He is best known for his hair and hilarious anecdotes about his personal life.
Sarah Breese
Sarah is a mischievous ball of comedy nonsense
Taprisha is from Sting in the Tale
Ticklish Allsorts
Ticklish Allsorts Show, is a professional comedy children’s entertainment company founded in 1981 by multi talented performer Gary Nunn
Tip of the Pops
Ethically sourced, renewable & sustainable an improvised pop-up disco in a wheelbarrow made from waste!