Other/Comedy/Family Line-up

We are putting together an exciting and varied line-up for your enjoyment at this year's festival. They will be on various venues around town at both ticketed and free events. Here are our Spotlight Performers followed by A - Z of the rest of the line-up.

Phil Jerrod
Cynical, astute and impassioned, his densely-packed rants encapsulate the state of British society today.
Ian Tovey
Ian Tovey is from Sting in the tale
Jill Barr & Bob Greenwall
Jill Barr & Bob Greenwall are from Sting in the tale
Madeleine Grantham
Madeleine Grantham is a part of Sting in the Tale
Taprisha is from Sting in the Tale
Ticklish Allsorts
Ticklish Allsorts Show, is a professional comedy children’s entertainment company founded in 1981 by multi talented performer Gary Nunn
Tip of the Pops
Ethically sourced, renewable & sustainable an improvised pop-up disco in a wheelbarrow made from waste!