Willow Walk Music

On:Friday 8th June 2018
Starting at:10:00
Finishing at:20:00
Where:Willow Walk Stage

From: 10:00
to: 10:25
Just Sing Junior Choir
Contemporary Children's choir age 7 and up
From: 10:30
to: 10:55
Emma Hardy & Paul Denson
Emma and Paul perform a mixture of upbeat covers and Emma's own original songs
From: 11:00
to: 11:25
From: 11:30
to: 11:55
From: 12:00
to: 12:30
CamillaB is a 14 year old aspiring artist. She performs accompanied by her guitar or backing track.
From: 12:45
to: 13:15
From: 14:15
to: 15:00
One Word
One Word is an exciting & energetic 4 piece band, performing stylish modern original songs.
From: 15:15
to: 15:45
Jasmine Beth
Jasmine Beth writes and sings folk tales about sailors, devils, ancient Greek legends, Shakespearean characters and pre-nuptial agreements.
From: 16:00
to: 16:45
From: 18:00
to: 06:45

Ending at: 2000