Beerfest Music

On:Saturday 9th June 2018
Starting at:13:00
Finishing at:15:30
Where:Microbreweries Stage
A haven for lovers of real ale and cider. We have a fantastic selection of local microbreweries, plus food, live music and comedians. The terms of our licence mean that drinks bought in the Microbrewery area cannot be taken outside the area. We appreciate this can be frustrating, especially when drinks bought in some other areas do not have this restriction. However, we ask you to respect the rule - this is still a new project and the licencing authorities want to be cautious. This is a family friendly area. Children are welcome. If you're of a legal age to purchase alcohol and lucky enough to look younger, please bring ID to prove your age - we hope to have 'over-18' wristbands for you to wear when we've seen your proof of age.

From: 13:00
to: 14:00
Cider House Rounders
We play traditional American Old Time music from the rugged Appalachian mountain region.
From: 14:15
to: 14:45
From: 15:00
to: 15:30
Barley Rye Choir
Barley Rye is a community choir from Somerset, singing local folk songs, songs with a "Summer" theme and songs they sang as children

Ending at: 1530