A night of Comedy with Phil Jerrod and The Polly Morris band

(including the final of the laugh out Loud Competition)

On:Friday 6th June 2018
Starting at:20:00
Finishing at:23:00
Price:£6, or by Weekend ticket or Friday ticket - Buy Now
Where:QE School

With: Phil Jerrod, Polly Morris Band, Frank Foucault , Ian Macdonald, Jake Young, Mad Ron , Paul Cox, Sarah Breese

From: 20:00
to: 20:20
Polly Morris Band
If you could imagine the love child of Bill Bailey and Victoria Wood that would be Polly Morris
From: 20:45
to: 20:51
Frank Foucault
Based in the South West (Bristol), Finalist of the Chortle Student Comedy Awards 2017
From: 20:55
to: 21:03
Ian Macdonald
Oxford based Ian has been gigging since 2014 and delivers observational comedy and sideways glances at the world
From: 21:05
to: 21:13
Jake Young
‘Jake is a nineteen year old comedian, based in Gosport, who is very high energy’
From: 21:15
to: 21:23
Mad Ron
Mad Ron prefers the old days when smoking was good for you (before they changed the recipe)
From: 21:25
to: 21:33
Paul Cox
He is best known for his hair and hilarious anecdotes about his personal life.
From: 21:35
to: 21:43
Sarah Breese
Sarah is a mischievous ball of comedy nonsense
From: 22:15
to: 22:45
Phil Jerrod
Cynical, astute and impassioned, his densely-packed rants encapsulate the state of British society today.

Ending at: 2300