0 - 9 June 2019
6 - 9
Dancing (Dancing)
On:Friday 8th June 2018
Starting at:10:00
Finishing at:17:00
Where:Green Man (Outside)

From: 12:00
to: 12:30
Bourne River
Men's Cotswold morris team from Bournemouth. White shirt and trousers. Blue and gold baldric with horse brass at front centre and two fish on back.
Holt perform a broad mix of Cotswold styles, though many of their dances are based on a liberal interpretation of the Fieldtown morris tradition
From: 12:30
to: 13:00
Hobos Morris
Female side from Poole. Red/mustard yellow/black tatter jackets. Faces painted as tigers. Named after a tank regiment!
Knights of King Ina
Specialists in solo and duet Cotswold Jigs. Costumes are a personal combination of black and white.
From: 13:00
to: 13:30
Dorset Buttons Rapper
Male rapper sword dance side from Wareham, Dorset. white shirt, black hoggers, red cummerbund, black clogs. Clogs are rare in rapper.
The Merrydowners are a mixed men's and women's Cotswold side based in North Harrow, Middlesex.

Ending at: 1700