Dancing (Dancing)

On:Saturday 9th June 2018
Starting at:10:00
Finishing at:17:00
Where:East Borough (Olive Branch)

From: 11:30
to: 12:00
New Forest Meddlars
Mixed Morris dance side, formed in 1990 and based in Lyndhurst in the New Forest.
Steampunk morris
The name says it all! Morris dancing in an unwritten alternative future.
From: 12:00
to: 12:30
Maenads come from Lenham in Kent. We dance our own versions of border styled dances.
Oyster Girls
Ladies North West morris side from the Isle of Wight. Green dress with red/gold frill, green clogs.
From: 13:00
to: 13:30
Bournemouth and Christchurch U3A International Folk Dancers
Folk dancers from Bournemouth, performing international dances. Wide variety of colourful historical costumes.
Steps in Time
Mixed junior group from North Dorset. Traditional English social dances. Girls wear 'Jane Austen' style dresses, velvet jacket. Boys wear white shirt, black Breeches, waistcoat.
From: 13:30
to: 14:00
Whitethorn Morris
Ladies North West morris team from Harrow. Blue dress and mill girl's hat, red apron. Whitethorn celebrated their 40th birthday in September 2017.
From: 15:30
to: 16:00
Red Stags
Mixed border morris side from Southampton.
Quayside Cloggies
Ladies North West Morris side from Bournemouth. Blue dresses with pink apron. Blue clogs. Blue and pink hoops.

Ending at: 1700