0 - 9 June 2019
6 - 9
Saturday Evening Concert (Music)
On:Friday 8th June 2018
Starting at:19:30
Finishing at:23:00
Price:£17, or by Weekend ticket or Saturday ticket - Buy Now
Where:Allendale Centre Main Hall

With: The Outside Track, Fosbrooks, The Hut People, The Drystones

From: 19:30
to: 19:45
For nearly 40 years, the Fosbrooks Folk Education Trust have taught children their local clog dance tradition and how to play the accordion and violin
From: 20:00
to: 20:45
The Hut People
English instrumental duo The Hut People have firmly established themselves as one of THE most unique and best-loved acts on the UK folk scene.
From: 21:00
to: 21:45
The Drystones
The Drystones are a young lively folk duo from Priddy in Somerset playing violin, guitar and whistle.
From: 22:00
to: 23:00
The Outside Track
Hailing from Scotland, Ireland, Cape Breton and Vancouver, its five members are united by a love of traditional music.

Ending at: 2300