Sunday Minster Matinee (Music)

Folk music with dramatic flair and a historic twist showcasing local artists and stories.

On:Sunday 16th June 2018
Starting at:14:00
Finishing at:16:30
Price:£10, or by Weekend ticket or Sunday ticket - Buy Now
Where:Minster Church
During the festival weekend, the Crypt will always be available for private prayer, there will be guided tours of the Belfry and of the Minster's famous Chained Library.

With: Polly Morris Band, Amy Goddard, Louise Jordan performs No Petticoats Here

From: 14:00
to: 14:30
Amy Goddard
Award winning folk artist with a flair for story songs.
From: 14:45
to: 15:30
Louise Jordan performs No Petticoats Here
No Petticoats Here is a project that shares the stories of remarkable women of the First World War through original song and storytelling.
From: 15:45
to: 16:30
Polly Morris Band
If you could imagine the love child of Bill Bailey and Victoria Wood that would be Polly Morris

Ending at: 1630