12 - 14 June 2018
12 - 14
Olive Branch Music
On:Thursday 14th June 2018
Starting at:12:00
Finishing at:17:00
Where:Olive Branch Garden Stage

From: 12:00
to: 12:30
Paul Openshaw
Paul Openshaw is a singer/songwriter from Dorset. "A talented wordsmith who draws from personal experience and current events to craft songs rangin
From: 12:40
to: 13:10
Damian Clarke
His concerts are played on the beautiful hammer dulcimer and hurdy gurdy, along with unaccompanied songs that he encourages audiences to sing along.
From: 13:20
to: 14:00
Alison and Jack
Originally from Somerset and Hampshire, Alison & Jack have worked their way up through the clubs over the last ten years recording two acclaimed CD’s.
From: 14:10
to: 14:40
Rowan Leslie
Rowan began playing the fiddle at the age of seven and has been playing for dancers at Irish dance festivals across Ireland since 2006.
From: 14:50
to: 15:20
Broken Biscuits
'Broken Biscuits' are an acoustic duo who describe their music as, 'eclectic folk' and they draw inspiration from diverse musical styles and artists.
From: 15:30
to: 16:00
Lucy Kitchen
Lucy’s vocal tone has hints of the late Sandy Denny in it – a rare and precious thing indeed, but her sound is all her own.
From: 16:10
to: 17:00
The Straw Horses
The Straw Horses deal in darkly delicious original songs of mystery and magic from the less-travelled paths of British folk history.

Ending at: 1700