Wimborne Minster Folk Festival | Show Event

Tibetan Monks Ritual Procession

After 5 days making the Mandala, the destroyed Mandala will be processed to the River Allen by the Library for final scattering

On:Sunday 10th June 2018
Starting at:13:00
Finishing at:13:30
Starting Location:Minster Church
During the festival weekend, the Crypt will always be available for private prayer, there will be guided tours of the Belfry and of the Minster's famous Chained Library.
Also at:Minster Green, High St (By The Green), Salamander (Road), Library

In accordance with Tibetan Tantric tradition, once the Mandala is completed and in a moving ceremony, the Mandala will be taken to the River Allen by the Library and destroyed, representing the impermanence of things.

Tashi Lhunpo Monks (International, Tibetan)

Tashi Lhunpo Monastery UK Trust supports the Tibetan monastery in exile in India. The monks visit England to raise awareness of Tibetan culture.

Ending at: 1330