The Power of Compassion

Masked Dances and Sacred Music from a Tibetan Monastery

On:Friday 8th June 2018
Starting at:18:00
Finishing at:19:30

A Psychedelic whirl of chanting, dancing, drums, cymbals and processions..." The Times.

Tibet - a sacred world filled with the chanting of Buddhist texts, recitation of mantras, ringing of bells, blowing of trumpets and beating of drums. Recreating the mysteries of the Buddhist Monastery, eight Tibetan monks from Tashi Lhunpo offer a dramatic presentation of sacred dance, music and chanted prayer with traditional costumes and ceremonial masks. The performance offers a rare opportunity to witness a unique and endangered culture. Founded by the first Dalai Lama in the 15th Century, and the seat of the Panchen Lamas, Tashi Lhunpo is one of the most important monasteries in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Reestablished in exile in South India, it is once again becoming one of the major centres of Buddhist learning, best known for its artistic tradition of masked dances and sacred music. With explanations of each item, the performance is accessible to all.

'The Power of Compassion' is a 90 minute performance of masked dance and sacred chant from a Tibetan monastery, offering an entertaining and informative introduction to Buddhist monastic ritual. The dramatic dances, taken from the Gutor Festival before Tibetan Losar (New Year), use colourful costumes and masks, and the instruments include the long horns, drums, cymbals and bells of the Tibetan Tantric orchestra, as well as the atmospheric calm of traditional chanting. The performance includes introductory explanations of each item in the programme which allows audiences to get more understanding of the presentation.

Ending at: 1930