11 - 13 June 2021
11 - 13
On:Saturday 8th June 2019
Starting at:14:30
Finishing at:15:30
Starting Location:Park Lane
Also at:East St (by Rising Sun), Salamander (Road), High St (By The Green), High Street - middle, Square (not stage), East Borough (Olive Branch)

Participants in order:

Customs and Exiles (North West)

Customs And Exiles are a North West Morris side who dance with a high degree of energy and precision.

Wimborne First School (Country Dance)

The children from Wimborne First School will be performing their own special folk dance.

Bell's Angels (Cotswold)

Ladies Cotswold Morris team dancing with colourful hankies and 3 sizes of sticks based in Holt village, Wiltshire, near Bradford on Avon and Bath.

Green Man Sword (Longsword & Rapper)

Green Man sword are a new rapper & longsword team from Surrey. Watch out for their performances and their workshops.

Blackrock School of Irish Dance (International, Irish)

Irish dancers aged between 3-18, based is Yeovil. Dresses are traditional with lovely Celtic embroidery, all made by hand.

Steps in Time (Country Dance)

Mixed junior group from North Dorset. Traditional English social dances as well as Maypole and regional dances.

Mayflower Morris (North West)

Based in Ash Vale on the Surrey/Hampshire border, Mayflower morris perform traditional, new and swapped clog dance routines with precision and energy.

Dorset Buttons (North West)

Ladies North West morris side from Wareham, Dorset. Green skirts, red bodice, red clogs. Straw hats decorated with hand-made Dorset buttons.

The Gurkhas (International, Nepalese)

The Queens Gurkha Signals are based at Blandford. They, and members of their families, perform traditional Nepalese dances.

Phoenix (Cotswold)

Mixed Cotswold side from Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire. Black hat with flowers, black skirt/trousers, red socks, red hankies. Spot their wickerwork phoenix.

Hereburgh Morris (Cotswold)

We are Hereburgh Morris - a mixed bunch of men and women who like to learn and perform Morris dances that come primarily from the villages of the Cotswolds in England.

Steampunk morris (Border)

The name says it all! Morris dancing in an unwritten alternative future.

Anonymous Morris (Border)

Anonymous Morris are a popular local side meeting in Poole and have a reputation for their high-energy dance style.

Hobos Morris (Border)

Female side from Poole. Red/mustard yellow/black tatter jackets. Faces painted as tigers. Named after a tank regiment!

Seven Champions (Molly)

The first revival Molly dance team. Renowned for their deadpan sense of humour, hobnail boots and for dancing to unaccompanied female singers.

Holt Morris (Cotswold)

Cotswold Morris. We do dances from several traditions including Fieldtown, Bampton, Adderbury, Brackley, Ilmington, Kirtlington and Lichfield.

Nonesuch Morris (Cotswold)

Fantastic Cotswold team from Bristol. White shirts, black trousers. White hankies. Red rosettes worn on the upper arm.

Fabulous Fezheads (Comedy morris)

The Fabulous Fezheads are Englands Premier Sand Dance Illusionists, either that, or an engaging bunch of lunatics who dance while swapping hats!

Hips and Haws (North West)

Hips and Haws are a Chippenham-based female Clog morris dance side who perform dances in their own style, some North West and step dancing traditions.

Otter Morris (Border)

Energetic Border morris team from the Otter Valley in East Devon.

Alton Morris (Border)

Alton Morris are a lively and colourful, mixed side who dance in the Border style usually wielding long sticks.

Mr Wilkins Shilling (North West)

A women's North West side based in Bath, Somerset.

Pump House Clog Morris (North West)

North West morris side based in Watford, Hertfordshire.

Camden Clog (Step dance)

Camden Clog are based in Camden, where they dance and teach the East Lancashire clog style of Pat Tracey.

Festus Derriman (Cotswold)

Cotswold morris side from Upwey near Weymouth. Name after a character in a Thomas Hardy novel. White trousers, short green and yellow tatter jacket. Men: white shirt + top hat. Women: green shirt, straw hat. One green sock, one yellow.

Maenads (Border)

Maenads come from Lenham in Kent. We dance our own versions of border styled dances.

Shoostring (Appalachian)

Appalachian team from South Wales, dancing to traditional bluegrass music.

Stroud Morris (Cotswold)

Stroud Morris bring you Cotswold dances from the Five Valleys. Look out for the white swirling skirts, dashing red jackets and a flash of green and red bloomers.

Uplyme Morris (Cotswold)

Men's Cotswold side from Uplyme, Devon. White shirt and trousers, green + white baldric, black top hat.

Dawnswyr Tipyn O Bopeth (Welsh Folk Dance)

Tipyn o Bopeth perform traditional Welsh dances in instantly recognisable costumes.

New Moon Morris (Fusion Morris)

Based in Ivinghoe, Bucks. Bright colours, lots of noise & above all fun - a mixed side, originally dancing mostly North West but increasingly across many of the different styles.

Mythago (Border )

Mixed Border Morris side from Sussex, with stories embedded in their performances. Black tatter jackets with yellow or red stripe. Individual masks.

Southern Star (Longsword)

Southern Star are a small, but highly innovative group who meet in Corfe Mullen and welcome new members to join them on Monday evenings.

Ridgeway Step Clog (Clog dance)

Step Clog side based in Oxfordshire. Named from their proximity to the ancient Ridgeway Path which runs from Avebury to Ivinghoe Beacon.

Zdravetz (International, Bulgarian)

Bulgarian Dance group performing traditional 'Horos' (circle dances) and dressed in traditional village costume.

Bournemouth and Christchurch U3A International Folk Dancers (International)

Folk dancers from Bournemouth, performing international dances. Wide variety of colourful historical costumes.

Somerset Morris (Cotswold + stave)

Ladies Cotswold side from Bristol/Bath area. Also do stave dances, which originate from the Friendly Societies (early form of insurance companies).

Knights of King Ina (Jigs)

Specialists in solo and duet Cotswold Jigs from traditional and new sources danced as first recorded

Dr Turberville's Morris (Cotswold)

Mixed Cotswold team from Somerset. White shirt and trousers. Baldric with red and green stripes. Green hankies. Black hat. Fond of penguins...

Bourne River (Cotswold)

Men's Cotswold morris team from Bournemouth. White shirt and trousers. Blue and gold baldric with horse brass at front centre and two fish on back.

Downes on Tour (Cotswold)

Reunion cotswold morris team. White shirt, black knee-breeches, red socks. Red/white/yellow baldric.

Tappalachian (Appalachian)

Tappalachian is a mixed Appalachian group from St. Albans, Hertfordshire, dressed in black with bright co-ordinating colours.

Rumworth Morris (North West)

The Rumworth Morris was formed in 1976 and has established an excellent reputation for performing and maintaining the North West Morris tradition.

Wreckers Border Morris (Border)

A lively fun loving bunch, Wreckers Border Morris are a mixed side from up and down the valley of the Tamar, the blue bit between Cornwall and the U.K. We perform a mix of traditional and self penned dances with gust - and big sticks!

Gugge 2000 (Street Band)

Loud and lively street/carnival style band.

Ending at: 1530