12 - 14 June 2019
12 - 14
Dancing (Dancing)
On:Friday 14th June 2019
Starting at:10:00
Finishing at:13:30
Where:Square (not stage)

From: 10:30
to: 11:00
Maenads come from Lenham in Kent. We dance our own versions of border styled dances.
New Moon Morris
Based in Ivinghoe, Bucks. Bright colours, lots of noise & above all fun - a mixed side, dancing mostly North West with some Border & other styles.
From: 11:00
to: 11:30
Wreckers Border Morris
A lively fun loving bunch, Wreckers Border Morris are a mixed side from up and down the valley of the Tamar, the blue bit between Cornwall and the U.K. We perform a mix of traditional and self penned dances with gust - and big sticks!
Camden Clog
Camden Clog are based in Camden, where they dance and teach the East Lancashire clog style of Pat Tracey.
From: 11:30
to: 12:00
Sidmouth Steppers
Ladies North West Morris side from Sidmouth in Devon. Dark Blue skirt, red apron, red/white/blue ribbons. Navy clogs.
Steampunk morris
The name says it all! Morris dancing in an unwritten alternative future.
From: 12:00
to: 12:30
Blackrock School of Irish Dance
Irish dancers aged between 3-18, based is Yeovil. Dresses are traditional with lovely Celtic embroidery, all made by hand.
From: 12:30
to: 13:00
Mixed Border Morris side from Sussex, with stories embedded in their performances. Black tatter jackets with yellow or red stripe. Individual masks.
Nonesuch Morris
Fantastic Cotswold team from Bristol. White shirts, black trousers. White hankies. Red rosettes worn on the upper arm.
From: 13:00
to: 13:30
Anonymous Morris
Anonymous Morris are a popular local side meeting in Poole and have a reputation for their high-energy dance style.
Seven Champions
The first revival Molly dance team. Renowned for their deadpan sense of humour, hobnail boots and for dancing to unaccompanied female singers.

Ending at: 1330