10 - 12 June 2022
10 - 12
Dancing (Dancing)
On:Sunday 12th June 2022
Starting at:10:30
Finishing at:14:00
Where:Square (not stage)

From: 10:30
to: 14:00
Bell's Angels
Ladies Cotswold Morris team dancing with colourful hankies and 3 sizes of sticks based in Holt village, Wiltshire, near Bradford on Avon and Bath.
Northgate Rapper
Northgate Rapper are Bath's finest, and only, male sword dancing team. They perform high energy rapper dances in any pubs that will let them in.
From: 11:00
to: 11:30
Bourne River
Men's Cotswold morris team from Bournemouth. White shirt and trousers. Blue and gold baldric with horse brass at front centre and two fish on back.
Eynsham Morris
Unique, colourful, exciting, energetic. Once seen, never forgotten!
From: 11:30
to: 12:00
Mixed Cotswold morris side from Salisbury. Mostly dance in the style of Oddington and Ilmington. Recently celebrated our 35th anniversary.
From: 12:00
to: 12:30
Anonymous Morris
Anonymous Morris are a popular local side meeting in Poole and have a reputation for their high-energy dance style.
Whitethorn Morris
Ladies North West morris team from Harrow. Blue dress and mill girl's hat, red apron. Whitethorn celebrated their 40th birthday in September 2017.
From: 12:30
to: 13:00
Beltane Border
With dances emerging from the myths, legends and wilds of Dartmoor, Beltane prove that morris dancing can be older than tradition. With shadowed faces, tatterecoats and black top hats, the musicians and dancers drum up the energy of the moor and share something ancient and mysterious with all who watch
Dorset Buttons Rapper
Male rapper sword dance side from Wareham, Dorset. white shirt, black hoggers, red cummerbund, black clogs. Clogs are rare in rapper.

Ending at: 1400