Laugh Out Load 2018 Application Form

Act Name:
Main Contact:
Comedy style:
The date at which you started performing comedy:
(must be after Jan 1st 2013)
Any relevant biographical info, eg gigs, clubs and festivals (optional):
Example of you playing - YouTube or equivalent (optional):
Any Equipment needed (optional):
Which for practical purposes should be kept as simple as possible (e.g. guitar input to PA, laptop/tablet link, etc). We'll be as supportive as possible but if you don't ask at entry, you may well not get what you need!
Available on Tuesday March 6th?
Available on Tuesday April 10th?
Available on Tuesday May 1st?

Successful entrants will be emailed by the end of Sunday 4th March 2018 and asked to confirm their attendance at the heat offered.

Valid entrants who are not initially offered a place will be emailed to that effect as soon as practically possible. They will also go on a reserve list, in case successful entrants give notice of withdrawal or are disqualified from entry.

In any dispute or interpretation of these rules, the final decision will be with the Committee and Officials of the Wimborne Minster Folk Festival. Their decision is final.