Haddenham Hoofers

Haddenham Hoofers lively group dances based on traditional Appalachian dance steps to the accompaniment of Old Time String Band Music.

Coming on Saturday and Sunday

Haddenham Hoofers website

Programme for Haddenham Hoofers:

Sat10:30-11:00DancingModel Town Marquee
Sat12:30-13:00DancingMicrobreweries Stage
Sat14:30-15:30Procession starting from Park LaneIn position 15, After Maenads (Border), Before Tappalachian (Appalachian)
Sat15:30-16:00DancingMicrobreweries Stage
Sun11:30-12:00DancingModel Town Marquee
Sun13:00-13:30DancingModel Town Marquee
Sun15:30-16:00DancingModel Town Marquee