12 - 14 June 2020
12 - 14
Holt perform a broad mix of Cotswold styles, though many of their dances are based on a liberal interpretation of the Fieldtown morris tradition

Coming on Saturday and Sunday

Programme for Holt:

Sat 8th Jun 201910:00-10:30DancingSquare (not stage)Stroud Morris (Cotswold)
Sat 8th Jun 201912:30-13:00DancingCrownmeadPhoenix (Cotswold)
Sat 8th Jun 201914:30-15:30Procession starting from Park LaneIn position 18, After Seven Champions (Molly), Before Nonesuch Morris (Cotswold)
Sat 8th Jun 201916:00-16:30DancingHigh Street - middlePump House Clog Morris (North West)
Sun 9th Jun 201911:30-12:00DancingHigh St (By The Green)Hips and Haws (North West)
Sun 9th Jun 201912:30-13:00DancingHigh St (By The Green)Rumworth Morris (North West)
Sun 9th Jun 201913:30-14:00DancingCrownmeadHolly Copse (Molly)
Sun 9th Jun 201916:30-17:00DancingHigh St (By The Green)Mythago (Border)