Northgate Rapper

Rapper sword team from Bath. White shirt, green hoggers, yellow sash. Look for them in pubs.

Coming on Saturday and Sunday

Northgate Rapper are Bath’s finest, and only, male sword dancing team. Founded in 1991, they continue to ignore the magistrate’s rulings and perform high energy rapper dances in any pubs that will let them in. Locally famous and regionally renowned, they’ve recently celebrated their 25th Anniversary and have appeared at both Ely and Weymouth’s Folk Festivals. Northgate Rapper are for the first time performing at all the local festivals around Bath and are on the look out for new blood. So if you are looking for a new and dangerous hobby Northgate Rapper practice on a Tuesday night at The Curfew in Bath or find them on Facebook and Twitter. Expect mild peril, tappety feet, intense concentration and dynamic performances.

Northgate Rapper website

The programme has not yet been published yet.

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