Bradninch Millers Morris

( Appearing in the grids as:Bradninch Millers )

Mixed side from Devon who dance various traditions (Cotswold, Wessex Stave, Border, Molly and Bradninch broom dance) from different regions.

Coming on Saturday

Bradninch Millers Morris website

Programme for Bradninch Millers Morris:

Sat10:30-11:00DancingCrownmeadKing John's Morris Men (North West)
Sat12:30-13:00DancingHigh St, By Mill LaneWhitethorn Morris (North West)
Sat13:30-14:00DancingSalamander (Road)Tatters and Tails Border Morris (Border)
Sat14:30-15:30Procession starting from Park LaneIn position 36, After Bourne River (Cotswold), Before Hips and Haws (North West)