( Appearing in the grids as:Fosbrooks )

For nearly 40 years, the Fosbrooks Folk Education Trust have taught children their local clog dance tradition and how to play the accordion and violin

Coming on Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Current Programme for Fosbrooks:

Sat 9th Jun 201812:00-12:30DancingSquare (not stage)
Sat 9th Jun 201813:30-14:00DancingWillow Walk Stage
Sat 9th Jun 201815:30-16:00DancingCornmarket
Sat 9th Jun 201819:30-19:45Saturday Evening ConcertAllendale Centre Main Hall
Sun 10th Jun 201811:00-11:30DancingCornmarket
Sun 10th Jun 201812:00-12:30DancingSquare (not stage)
Sun 10th Jun 201813:00-13:30DancingCornmarket