Polly Morris Band

If you could imagine the love child of Bill Bailey and Victoria Wood that would be Polly Morris

Her observational comedy songs about such things as supermarket shopping or the perils of e-mail, are songs that you can instantly identify with. These are peppered with more thoughtful acoustic numbers that are reminiscent of Karen Carpenter. Polly has been performing her songs as a solo artist from an early age but, in the last few years, has been performing with her Dorset Based Comic-Folk band. The Polly Morris Band comprises Main vocals, guitar, harmony vocals, fiddle, saxophone, flute, accordion and piano.

Programme for Polly Morris Band:

Fri20:00-20:20A night of Comedy with Phil Jerrod and The Polly Morris bandQE School
Sat17:00-17:45Willow Walk MusicWillow Walk Stage
Sat20:00-23:00Polly MorrisOddfellows
Sun15:45-16:30Sunday Minster MatineeMinster Church