Just Sing Adult Choir

Just Singís aim is to do two main things: to sing and to have FUN!

If we havenít convinced you to join us so far, here are some more incentives as to why we would be the choir for you...

There are no obstacles... no sheet music, no auditions, no technical speak and no experience is needed to join us! We welcome anyone over the age of 18.

We choose a wide range of music styles to suit all tastes and aim to do a new song at least every two weeks to keep you on your toes. We also welcome song suggestions from our choir members.

We get many opportunities to perform throughout the year in and around Dorset. We hold an annual concert at Christmas time to raise money for a specific charity voted for by the choir, in which all family and friends get to see the choir performing in a theatre setting.

No sign up fee or termly commitment, we are flexible. You can pay as you go weekly for just £6 or upfront for the month which works out at £5 a session.

First session free! We love to socialise and run a pub club where we go to the local pub for a drink after our choir session on the last week of each month!

Just Sing Adult Choir website

The programme has not yet been published yet.

When it is, the programme for Just Sing Adult Choir will appear here.