Ticklish Allsorts

Ticklish Allsorts Show, is a professional comedy children's entertainment company founded in 1981 by multi talented performer Gary Nunn

Ticklish Allsorts specialise in providing the ultimate in children's and family entertainment. Live music, live action, puppets, surprises, laughter and great deal of audience participation.

Ticklish Allsorts website

Programme for Ticklish Allsorts:

Sat11:00-11:30HelloAllendale Centre Meadow
Sat11:45-13:00Punch&Judy, Games & FunAllendale Centre Meadow
Sat14:15-14:45Punch&JudyAllendale Centre Meadow
Sat15:30-17:00Punch & Judy, songs & parachute gamesAllendale Centre Meadow
Sun11:00-11:30HelloAllendale Centre Meadow
Sun11:45-13:00Punch&Judy, Games & FunAllendale Centre Meadow
Sun14:15-14:45Punch&JudyAllendale Centre Meadow
Sun15:30-17:00Punch & Judy, songs & parachute gamesAllendale Centre Meadow