Tipyn O Bopeth

Tipyn o Bopeth perform traditional Welsh dances in instantly recognisable costumes.

Coming on Saturday and Sunday

"Dawnswyr Tipyn o Bopeth" are a group of dancers and musicians who display and promote the traditional dance heritage of Wales at home and abroad. 'Tipyn o Bopeth' (which can be translated as 'a bit of everything') was so named because the group is formed of individual dancers and musicians who come from different parts of Wales, and beyond, linked by their enthusiasm to display Welsh dances at festivals and other events.

Tipyn O Bopeth website

Programme for Tipyn O Bopeth:

Sat 8th Jun 201910:00-10:30DancingHigh St (By The Green)Nonesuch Morris (Cotswold)
Sat 8th Jun 201911:00-11:30DancingSquare (not stage)Mayflower Morris (North West)
Sat 8th Jun 201912:30-13:00DancingEast Borough (Olive Branch)Wreckers (Border)
Sat 8th Jun 201914:30-15:30Procession starting from Park LaneIn position 33, After Uplyme Morris (Cotswold), Before New Moon Morris (Fusion Morris)
Sun 9th Jun 201909:45-10:30Folk Festival Church ServiceMinster Green
Sun 9th Jun 201911:30-12:00Traditional Welsh Dancing WorkshopSalamander (Road)
Sun 9th Jun 201912:30-13:00DancingCrownmeadSidmouth Steppers (North West)
Sun 9th Jun 201914:00-14:30DancingHigh Street - middleAnonymous Morris (Border)
Sun 9th Jun 201915:30-16:00DancingCrownmeadWickham Morris (Cotswold)