Krista Green and the Bees

Krista Green & The Bees are a four-piece folk/pop/rock band that pack a punch.

Effortlessly entwining high-energy foot-stomping tunes with laid-back soulful tracks, Krista Green certainly knows how to write a good ear-worm, so their original material speaks for itself. The band also have a large repertoire of popular covers so are well equipped to play for just about any crowd.

Krista fronts the band with skilful rhythm guitar and a voice that’s raw and organic yet retains its silky smooth tone, whilst Jonny Phillips provides complimentary backing vocals and some perfectly formed hooks on lead guitar. Kris Venzi-James brings the funk on bass, and Justin Young procures some authentic beats with the rhythm section.

If you want lyrics that tell a story encased in melodies you’ll be humming all day then look no further.

The programme has not yet been published yet.

When it is, the programme for Krista Green and the Bees will appear here.