6 - 10 June 2018
6 - 10

Saturday Dance

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SatCornmarketModel Town MarqueeModel Town Garden ArenaSquare (not stage)High St (By The Green)Salamander (Road)CrownmeadEast Borough (Olive Branch)Green Man (Outside)Allendale House (Large Room Upstairs)Royal British Legion (outside)Other LocationWhat
1000Spank the PlanksFootnotes ZdravetzKnights of King InaBroom Dance Workshop
1000 - 1100
Ridgeway Step Clog      
    Festus DerrimanHips and Haws     
1030FirestoneHaddenham HoofersPamphill MaypoleMythagoSteps in TimeBradninch Millers      
   Northgate RapperNew Moon Morris King John's Morris      
1100ApplejacksSpank the PlanksPamphill LongswordBlackrockHoltFamily Longsword Dance Workshop
1100 - 1200
Green Man Sword
Barefoot Bellydance   Festus DerrimanWillow Walk StageFootlight Performing
  Southern Star Whitethorn MorrisMaenads   Ridgeway Step Clog 
1130Knickerbocker GloryTappalachianMini Melodeons
1130 - 1230
ZdravetzTatters and Tails  New Forest Meddlars  Bell's Angels
   Mythago    New Moon Morris
1200Morena Slovak Dance ApplejacksFosbrooksBarefoot BellydanceRidgeway Step ClogSidmouth SteppersMaenadsBourne River MerrydownersAllendale Centre Main HallSaturday Family Ceilidh
1200 - 1330
No Strings Attached
Northgate Rapper  Somerset MorrisU3A Folk Dancers Oyster GirlsHolt King John's Morris
1230Tiger FeetFootnotes Fabulous FezheadsRed Stags Zdravetz Hobos Morris Hips and Haws
   New Moon Morris Bell's Angels   Knights of King Ina  
1300Spank the PlanksCrooked Moon Barefoot BellydancePamphill LongswordWimborne First SchoolQuayside CloggiesU3A Folk DancersButtons Rapper  
   MaenadsSidmouth SteppersSomerset MorrisFestus DerrimanSteps in TimeMerrydowners  
1330Morena Slovak Dance Knickerbocker Glory  Order of the PhoenixTatters and Tails MythagoWhitethorn Morris   Willow Walk StageFosbrooks
Knights of King Ina   King John's Morris Bradninch MillersRed Stags     
1400Crooked MoonFirestone  Sailor's Horse    Song Writing
1400 - 1500
Ian Brown
1430FootnotesTiger Feet Procession
1430 - 1530
1430 - 1530
1430 - 1530
1430 - 1530
1500Knickerbocker GloryCrooked Moon     
1530FosbrooksSpank the Planks Tashi Lhunpo MonksKnights of King InaStep Dance For All
1530 - 1630
U3A Folk DancersRed Stags   
   Hobos MorrisMaenadsBell's AngelsQuayside Cloggies   
1600BlackrockApplejacks  Fabulous FezheadsHips and Haws    
     Oyster Girls    
1630Firestone   Bourne RiverHolt     
    Northgate RapperNew Forest Meddlars     
1700 Old time American music session and Appalachian dance party
1700 - 2000
    Border Morris Workshop
1700 - 1800
Hobos Morris

Sunday Dance

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SunCornmarketModel Town MarqueeSquare (not stage)High St (By The Green)Salamander (Road)CrownmeadGreen Man (Outside)Allendale House (Large Room Upstairs)Royal British Legion (outside)Other LocationWhatOther LocationWhat
1000         Allendale Centre Main HallNew Forest Step Dance
1000 - 1100
Willow Walk StageWillow Walk Music
         Mainstage Performing
1030ApplejacksFootnotesHolly CopseKnights of King InaLongsword Dance Workshop - adults
1030 - 1200
Green Man Sword
  Bell's AngelsDr Turberville's MorSarum   
1100FosbrooksFirestoneAnonymous MorrisHoltSweet Coppin Introduction to the Hammer Dulcimer and Hurdy Gurdy
1100 - 1200
Damian Clarke
  Tashi Lhunpo MonksWhitethorn MorrisNew Moon Morris   
1130FootnotesHaddenham HoofersBlackrockBarefoot BellydanceMaenads  
   The Tattered CourtMerrydowners  
1200FirestoneNo Mean FeetFosbrooksHoltStep Dance For All
1200 - 1300
Northgate Rapper   Allendale Centre Main HallSunday Family Ceilidh
1200 - 1330
Murphy's Lore
1230BlackrockMorena Slovak Dance Barefoot BellydanceMerrydownersHolly Copse  Sarum
 Ester Tal's Flamen AcadBourne RiverAnonymous MorrisThe Tattered Court  New Moon Morris
1300FosbrooksHaddenham Hoofers Tibetan Monks Ritual Procession
Tibetan Monks Ritual Procession
Whitethorn MorrisBell's Angels  
   Tashi Lhunpo MonksTashi Lhunpo MonksWest Moors SchoolHobos Morris  
1330Morena Slovak Dance Applejacks Knights of King InaRapper Workshop
1330 - 1430
Northgate Rapper
New Moon Morris Sweet CoppinSongs & Lore of the Sea
1330 - 1430
Tom Lewis
Ester Tal's Flamen Acad  Holly Copse   
1400PolonezFootnotes MythagoBlackrock  Minster GreenMaypole
1400 - 1500
   The Tattered CourtBourne River  
1430FirestoneNo Mean FeetMorena Slovak Dance Whitethorn MorrisCotswold Jig Workshop
Hobos Morris   
  HoltMerrydownersKnights of King InaBell's Angels   
1500BlackrockApplejacksNew Moon Morris Sweet CoppinDr Turberville's Mor    
  Mythago Bourne River    
1530No Mean FeetHaddenham HoofersMorena Slovak Dance Anonymous Morris     
  Hobos MorrisThe Tattered Court     
1600PolonezFirestone Holt     
   Dr Turberville's Mor