10 - 12 June 2022
10 - 12

Saturday Dance

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SatCornmarketModel Town MarqueeModel Town Garden ArenaSquare (not stage)High Street - middleHigh St (By The Green)Salamander (Road)CrownmeadRoyal British Legion (outside)Other LocationWhat
1000Camden Clog  Holt MorrisHereburgh MorrisTipyn O BopethBroom Dancing
1000 - 1100
Buttons Rapper   
Thrales Rapper  Stroud MorrisQuayside CloggiesNonesuch MorrisBourne River  
     Southern Star   
1030BlackrockTiger Feet Rumworth MorrisWreckers Border MorrisAlton MorrisOtter Morris   
  Fabulous FezheadsGreen Man SwordFestus DerrimanDorset Buttons  
1100ShoostringTappalachian Mayflower MorrisSomerset MorrisPump House ClogMolly Dance Workshop
1100 - 1200
Seven Champions
Knights of King Ina   
 Tipyn O BopethNonesuch MorrisMr Wilkins ShillingNew Moon Morris   
1130FootnotesSpank the PlanksHobos MorrisCustoms and ExilesZdravetzPhoenixMythago   
Bell's AngelsCamden ClogAnonymous MorrisDownes on Tour  
Southern Star     
1200BlackrockRaise The DustLongsword Adult Workshop
1200 - 1330
Green Man Sword
Otter MorrisMaenadsRumworth MorrisStep Dance for All
1200 - 1300
Somerset MorrisSteps in Time  
Thrales RapperThe GurkhasWight BellsHereburgh MorrisLyme MorrisNonesuch Morris 
1230Spank the PlanksTappalachianZdravetzMayflower MorrisU3A Folk DancersHolt MorrisAlton Morris  
Steampunk morrisWimborne First SchoolPhoenixNew Moon Morris  
1300The GurkhasTiger FeetNorth West Showcase
BlackrockSeven ChampionsCotswold Workshop
1300 - 1400
Nonesuch Morris
Festus DerrimanMythago  
Camden ClogCustoms and ExilesHips and HawsSomerset MorrisMaenadsWhite Horse Morris 
 Rumworth Morris     
1330TappalachianShoostringAlton Morris Lyme MorrisHereburgh MorrisZdravetzU3A Folk Dancers  
Mr Wilkins Shilling Fabulous FezheadsRidgeway Step ClogOtter Morris 
1400Raise The Dust          
1430Tiger Feet  Procession
1430 - 1530
1430 - 1530
1430 - 1530
1430 - 1530
1500 Footnotes     
1530Spank the PlanksAppalachian Workshop
1530 - 1630
Raise The Dust
 The GurkhasBell's AngelsHobos MorrisBroom Dancing
1530 - 1630
Fabulous FezheadsHips and Haws  
 Seven ChampionsThrales RapperButtons RapperSteampunk morrisMr Wilkins Shilling 
   Southern Star   
1600Footnotes PhoenixPump House ClogDorset ButtonsCustoms and Exiles Allendale Centre Main HallNorth West Dance Workshop
1600 - 1700
Rumworth Morris
 MythagoHolt MorrisSteps in TimeStroud Morris 
1630Shoostring   Anonymous MorrisBourne RiverJig Workshop
1630 - 1730
Knights of King Ina
Wreckers Border Morris 
   White Horse MorrisQuayside CloggiesDownes on Tour 

Sunday Dance

Click on a team to learn more about them, click on a venue to find out where it is.

SunCornmarketModel Town MarqueeSquare (not stage)High Street - middleHigh St (By The Green)Salamander (Road)CrownmeadRoyal British Legion (outside)Other LocationWhat
0930        Model Town Garden ArenaPlaying for Cotswold Morris
0930 - 1030
Stephen Rowley
Knights of King Ina
1030City ClickersRaise The DustMaenadsBourne RiverBell's AngelsStep Dance for All
1030 - 1130
Steampunk morris Minster GreenEcumenical Service
1030 - 1115
Tipyn O Bopeth
Polly Morris
 New Moon Morris EnigmaRumworth MorrisThrales Rapper 
1100ShoostringFootnotesWreckers Border MorrisHolly CopseAnonymous MorrisSarumSquare Dance Workshop
1100 - 1300
Stepping Squares
Camden ClogKnights of King InaCustoms and ExilesStroud Morris
1130Raise The DustNo Mean FeetSidmouth SteppersNew Moon Morris Holt MorrisTraditional Welsh Dancing Workshop
Rumworth Morris
Steampunk morrisDownes on TourHips and HawsTipyn O BopethSweet Coppin
1200FootnotesStep Dancing Workshop
1200 - 1300
Camden Clog
BlackrockStroud MorrisSeven ChampionsStep Dancing
1200 - 1300
Wreckers Border Morris
 Thrales RapperPhoenixCustoms and Exiles
1230Raise The DustMythagoHips and HawsRumworth MorrisTipyn O Bopeth
Nonesuch MorrisPump House ClogHolt MorrisSidmouth Steppers
1300ShoostringNo Mean FeetAnonymous MorrisWreckers Border MorrisBlackrockLongsword Workshop
1300 - 1400
Green Man Sword
Steampunk morrisDownes on Tour
Seven ChampionsStroud Morris New Moon Morris Phoenix
1330City ClickersRaise The DustStreet Ceilidh
1330 - 1445
Murphy's Lore
Andrew Helson
SarumMythagoHolt Morris 
Camden ClogRumworth MorrisHips and HawsHolly Copse 
1400No Mean FeetShoostringAnonymous MorrisPump House ClogCotswold Workshop
1400 - 1500
Nonesuch Morris
Bell's Angels Minster GreenMaypole Dancing
1400 - 1500
Tipyn O BopethSweet CoppinBourne River 
1430BlackrockFootnotesSidmouth SteppersSeven ChampionsEnigma 
 Steampunk morrisDownes on TourKnights of King Ina 
1500ShoostringNo Mean Feet Bell's AngelsAnonymous MorrisPhoenixStroud Morris 
 Customs and ExilesWreckers Border MorrisNew Moon Morris Sweet Coppin 
1530Camden ClogCity Clickers Seven ChampionsBlackrockSidmouth SteppersTipyn O Bopeth 
Downes on Tour  Bourne River Pump House Clog  
1600   Knights of King InaPhoenix   
   SarumBell's Angels   
1630   EnigmaMythago   
   Holly CopseHolt Morris