10 - 12 June 2022
10 - 12

Saturday Dance

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SatCornmarketModel Town MarqueeModel Town Garden ArenaSquare (not stage)High Street - middleHigh St (By The Green)Salamander (Road)CrownmeadEast st (Le Petit Prince)Royal British Legion (outside)
1000Spank the Planks  Hobos MorrisBeltane Border The Tattered CourtDance Workshop
1000 - 1100
Buttons Rapper  
  Eynsham MorrisBourne RiverSteps in TimeMaenads  
1030Tiger Feet  Anonymous MorrisWhitethorn MorrisPhoenixHolly Copse  
  Holt MorrisMendip MorrisSouthern StarWhite Horse Morris  
1100AppalTappersRaise The Dust The Tattered CourtHobos MorrisZdravetzDance Workshop
1100 - 1200
Wight Bells Eynsham Morris
 Bourne RiverSomerset Morris  New Forest Meddlars
1130AuroraCity ClickersPamphill MaypoleWhitethorn MorrisMaenadsPump House ClogZlaten Klas  
  Camden Clog Beltane Border   
1200Morena Slovak Dance AppalTappersPamphill LongswordBlackrockAnonymous MorrisU3A Folk DancersDance Workshop
1200 - 1300
Mendip Morris Wight Bells
Southern StarThe Tattered CourtButtons RapperNorthgate Rapper Somerset Morris
1230Raise The DustTiger Feet ZdravetzPhoenixEynsham MorrisPump House Clog Zlaten Klas
 White Horse MorrisHobos MorrisHolt Morris 
1300BlackrockSpank the Planks Morena Slovak Dance Wight BellsMendip MorrisDance Workshop
1300 - 1400
MaenadsU3A Folk DancersSteps in Time
 Northgate RapperNew Forest Meddlars The Tattered CourtSomerset Morris 
1330Camden ClogAurora  ZdravetzPamphill LongswordZlaten KlasBeltane Border Pump House Clog
City Clickers  PhoenixWhite Horse MorrisHobos Morris
1430Raise The Dust  Procession
1430 - 1530
1430 - 1530
1430 - 1530
1430 - 1530
1430 - 1530
1500Tiger Feet    
1530AuroraRaise The Dust  Steps in TimeNorthgate RapperDance Workshop
1530 - 1630
Buttons Rapper  
  Holly CopseCamden ClogHolt Morris  
1600Morena Slovak Dance City Clickers  Beltane Border Anonymous MorrisMaenads  
   New Forest Meddlars The Tattered CourtWhitethorn Morris  
1630Spank the Planks  BlackrockEynsham MorrisBourne River    
  Southern StarHolly Copse    

Sunday Dance

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SunCornmarketModel Town MarqueeSquare (not stage)High Street - middleHigh St (By The Green)Salamander (Road)Other LocationWhat
1030  Bell's AngelsSidmouth SteppersMaenadsDance Workshop
1030 - 1130
  Northgate RapperWhitethorn MorrisSarum 
1100AuroraStep Dance Workshop
1100 - 1200
Camden Clog
Bourne RiverAnonymous MorrisButtons Rapper  
Eynsham MorrisBeltane Border Quayside Cloggies 
1130Raise The DustSarumBell's AngelsNorthgate RapperDance Workshop
1130 - 1230
PhoenixMaenadsPump House Clog 
1200 Appalachian Workshop
1200 - 1300
Anonymous Morris Bourne River  
 Whitethorn Morris Sidmouth Steppers 
1230Morena Slovak Dance Beltane Border Camden ClogBell's AngelsDance Workshop
1230 - 1330
Buttons RapperEynsham MorrisPump House Clog 
1300Raise The Dust Quayside CloggiesSarumPhoenix  
 Sidmouth SteppersAnonymous MorrisWhitethorn Morris 
1330Northgate Rapper Morena Slovak Dance Bourne RiverBeltane Border    
Camden Clog Buttons RapperBell's Angels  
1400Raise The Dust Street Ceilidh
1400 - 1534
Murphy's Lore
Pump House ClogQuayside Cloggies   
 Sidmouth SteppersEynsham Morris  
1430Aurora Buttons RapperSarumBorder Morris Dance Workshop
1430 - 1530
Anonymous Morris
Minster GreenMaypole
 PhoenixNorthgate RapperFolkActive
1500Morena Slovak Dance  Beltane Border Camden ClogMinster GreenMaypole
 Quayside CloggiesBourne RiverFolkActive
1530Raise The Dust  Pump House Clog 
  Whitethorn Morris 
1600    Anonymous Morris