Folk Orc

Once upon a time in a land far far away, there was a place called Coda Music. The wise old magi and cohort stood around talking for days, casting spells, drinking potions, deciding on important matters and drinking a few more potions. Until one day they cast a spell into the pit of wireless sounds. Days later, out of the mess, the Folk Orc was born. They named him Rodney.

His purpose, not that he knew it yet, was to bring people from all around to learn the ways of the folk orc, to spread the news of folk music, bring it to the ears of the as yet undisturbed individuals and to tell stories of murder, insest, drink and all the other foul depravaties of the human phyche.

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Current Programme for Folk Orc :

Sun 10th Jun 201814:00-14:25Music in the Square Square (stage)