12 - 14 June 2020
12 - 14
Daria Kulesh
With her striking voice and strong Russian and Ingush heritage, Daria Kulesh is making a name for herself as a unique and exciting singer/songwriter.

With her extraordinary voice and strong Russian and Ingush heritage, "bold, exotic, impressive" Daria Kulesh is a rising star and a unique character on the UK folk scene. Her 2017 album Long Lost Home has enjoyed national radio play, rave reviews and multiple awards including Laurel Canyon Music Album of the Year. Mike Harding praised the The Moon and the Pilot as "one of the most beautiful new songs of the last ten years" and described Daria as one of his "favourite singer-songwriters". A hardworking and exciting live performer, Daria offers her audiences a "thoroughly engaging, entertaining and enchanting" experience - "full of passion and magic".

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