Walker Broad

Sandy's roots are Folky with an interest in Jazz whilst Andy is an established Blues performer also with a side line in Jazz.

Sandy Walker and Andy Broad began working together in early 2010 when they decided to experiment with 'couple of songs'. A 'couple' quickly became a 'cascade' as Sandy is a prolific lyricist with a good ear for melody and harmony and Andy has a wealth of chordal and rhythmic ideas.

After a year of working together they had upwards of 15 strong originals and the Walker Broad duo expanded to a 4 piece and released thier first album, titled "A Walk Abroad" (all puns intended :-))

As well as song writing they have a keen interest in performing, their live set includes an ever changing selection of their own songs plus a few Blues and Jazz standards, and one or two traditional Folk numbers.

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Current Programme for Walker Broad:

Sun 10th Jun 201812:00-13:30Minster Arms MusicMinster Arms (Inside)