John Ward

John is a singer/songwriter and musician based in East Anglia. His warm and versatile style entertains and engages the audience.

John Ward turned to folk and acoustic music in the mid 1980s and, by 1988, had become a full-time songwriter and musician on the folk and roots music scene. Since then, he has performed in countless venues all over England as well as overseas. John has guested on numerous radio shows and has appeared on British television a number of times. He has released 7 albums of original material and had a book published, all of which have received critical acclaim from reviewers and gig-goers alike. John’s recordings embrace a wonderful collection of his engaging songs, written in a variety of styles and his latest CD the very newly released 'Sargasso' is no exception. His previous album East of the Sunrise, was a collection of songs inspired by his local area, mainly written by John, with a couple of traditional songs from the region. One of these songs, ‘From Stornoway to Lowestoft’, recently won the songwriting competition at Ryedale folk festival in the North of England.

John has worked with a wide range of musicians over the years and has a highly successful and long-term musical partnership with accomplished violinist, Mario Price. However, John still regularly performs solo, often joined by his wife, Lynne, and also plays in the highly respected Ceilidh Band, SkipHire . In 2013 he began to gather a band round him for the first time for many years. The line up consisting of Stephen Mynott, Les Woodley, Andy Marr and Lynne creates a rich sound full of harmonies that might be described as 'folk rock' but is hard to label due to John's eclectic repetoire and the musical versitlity of the highly talented musicians.

John has been described as an energetic, passionate and spirited performer who successfully combines humour with thought-provoking songs. From his self-taught musical roots, John has earned a reputation as an excellent and versatile guitarist and his explosive bodhran playing has drawn much attention. He is regularly booked to lead bodhran workshops at folk festivals. John sometimes includes harmonica, mandolin and banjo at live gigs to enhance the variety of instrumental arrangements.

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