12 - 14 June 2020
12 - 14
John Ward Trio
The John Ward Trio’s brand of folk music has been born from John’s experience of life in a tough and gritty East Anglian fishing port.

After a life travelling on the road, living rough and making music, Les Woodley settled in the port to make wooden boats. Now John and Les, both self-taught musicians who have busked, sofa-surfed and sung for their supper, together bring an honesty and authenticity to their performances that is home-spun and from the heart. Add in harmonies and whistles from Scots girl, Lynne, who hails from Clydeside, and the sound is complete.

The Trio’s powerful 3-part harmonies blend to give a rich life to John’s songs and to the traditional repertoire.  Accompanied by guitar, double bass, mandolin, harmonica, whistles and bodhran, and with the familiar, relaxed banter, stories and humour that John has become known for, the Trio delights folk club and festival audiences around the country. John’s unique style of bodhran playing and show-stopping solos are an audience favourite.

John has recently had airplay on Radio 2 and the Mike Harding Folk Show with the latest CD, Sargasso.

What people have said about the Trio and John’s 7 acclaimed CDs: 

“The best trad folk music set I have ever seen. Literally.’ -  Attila the Stockbroker

‘Great entertainers - gave us a brilliant night to remember" Michael Jaselsky, Waltham Abbey Folk Club

"All agreed The John Ward Trio gave us a couple of storming sets last night.  The Club, pub regulars and staff all transfixed and appreciative.  Some great comments and requests for a return visit as soon as possible” Waltham Abbey Folk Club

‘We were fortunate to have the John Ward Trio … their use of harmonies was spot on … neat instrumental work … but when John went off on a bodhran solo it was spectacular … I never knew you could achieve that with a bodhran! We’ll look forward to a reprise in the future” Steve Primarolo, Organiser – Bracknell Folk Club

“The John Ward Trio …I was left with a feeling like wearing a warm overcoat with all the music blended within. A group worth seeking out"Brian Dalton, Organiser – Croydon Folk Club

“Highly skilled performers - entertaining and professional” Col Campbell, Organiser - Last Thursday Folk Club

‘Love the Sargasso album … cracking songs’ Mike Harding

‘A singer and guitarist to watch out for’ The Times

‘Excellent’ Folk Roots

‘strong songwriting with fine performances by John and the band' Fatea

‘His song writing abilities impress from the word go’ Rock n Reel

‘An exciting talent’ Folk on Tap      

‘A Songwriter of maturity and depth’ – Time Out    

‘ .. powerful tales ... canny depictions’ Living Tradition

‘Powerful originals' Eastern Daily Press

‘The John Ward Band is Folk at its finest’ East Anglian Daily Times

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