Presenting a quintet of Dorset bred musicians and vocalists, a collective of singers, actors and musicians.

As ever, the band is underpinned by the enigmatic writing style of Vince and the even more enigmatic performance style of Justin (now including his Mandolin playing), and reliably aided by "dubious" Rob on guitar, and Hannah on Whistle and Recorder. Pip and Clemmy felt they'd better up they're game too and now add Trumpet and Flute (and the Melodica, sort off) to their vocals, respectively. We can now, also, happily welcome percussionist Fluff to the the Wikkaman family, with his range of crazy instruments and great big grin!

All our tracks are original compositions, a lot of which are based on historical facts (with a little artistic licence thrown in at times), and often about our beloved Dorset.

Its fun, lively and downright quirky too. Many people have said that they can't work out our 'style' of music - sometimes folk, folk/rock, kitsch cultural comment or even 'pagan punk', but always performed with theatricality and passion and never deliver by the half-measure!

'These guys are immense- If you've never seen them, walk over hot coals to wherever they are playing next' - Gigs and Bands Review

'The music, the storytelling, the eccentric personalities and the performance gives the audience all the right ingredients for a really great set of pure entertainment' - Rock Regeneration

'Brechtian theatre, powerful harmonies, tight musically. One of the most brilliantly entertaining gigs we have had' - Bournemouth Folk Club

'With a strong emphasis on local storytelling, Wikkaman are one of the most original bands you're likely to see' - Bournemouth Echo 'Unsigned Band of the Week'

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Current Programme for Wikkaman:

Sat 9th Jun 201820:00-21:00Music in the Square Square (stage)