12 - 14 June 2020
12 - 14
Holly Copse
Molly dancers, mixed side from Bournemouth. Dancers wear a highly individual mix of yellow, black and magenta costume.

Coming on Sunday

Holly Copse Molly are a mixed side from Bournemouth, Dorset. Just 10 years old, we pen our own dances as well as borrowing dances from other sides, some from Ouse Washes and Rhubarb Tarts. Our kit can be versatile and practical depending on the weather, basically anything goes in black yellow and magenta. We practice on Thursdays in Bournemouth 8-10pm and welcome any newcomers, anytime. Why not? 07989 242588

Programme for Holly Copse:

Sun 9th Jun 201911:00-11:30DancingHigh Street - middleKnights of King Ina (Jigs)
Sun 9th Jun 201912:00-12:30DancingGreen Man (Outside)Knights of King Ina (Jigs)
Sun 9th Jun 201913:30-14:00DancingCrownmeadHolt (Cotswold)
Sun 9th Jun 201916:30-17:00DancingHigh Street - middleEnigma (Border)